Are you considering orthodontic treatment, either for yourself, or for a loved one?

If so, we recommend starting treatment with our Specialist Orthodontist Dr Theresia Sudjalim to ensure your treatment results, and new smile are the best they can be!

What are the benefits of orthodontic treatment?

There are so many benefits to orthodontic treatment, at Hawthorn Orthodontics believe that starting orthodontic treatment is one of the best decisions you can make for your health, regardless of whether you are young, or an adult. 

We have listed some of our top benefits of orthodontic treatment below:

What treatment options do I have at Hawthorn Orthodontics?

We have many treatment options available for our patients at Hawthorn Orthodontics, each with their own unique benefits!

For children under the age of 11, Dr Sudjalim may provide orthodontic treatment with appliances such as partial braces, a jaw expander, a space maintainer, clear aligners and other orthopaedic appliances to guide jaw growth. 

For teenagers and adults, we offer many treatment options. Braces are always a popular choice, we offer coloured, metal, gold and clear braces, as well as lingual or invisible braces which sit behind the teeth rather than on the front tooth surface. In addition to this, we also offer clear aligner treatment, with popular brands such as Invisalign and Spark clear aligners.

Can anyone start orthodontic treatment?

For the most part, yes, anyone can start orthodontic treatment. Patients who are under 11 years old may start early intervention if required, otherwise Dr Sudjalim may simply monitor their case without intervening, or until all of the adult teeth have erupted. 

Orthodontics is also very popular among adults, particularly with lingual braces and clear aligner treatment. As we age, however, we do become more susceptible to dental issues which may need addressing before orthodontic treatment can commence. If this is the case, Dr Sudjalim will refer you to a dental provider best suited to your particular case.

How can I start orthodontic treatment in Melbourne?

Starting orthodontic treatment in Melbourne is easy! Simply call our practice or book online to request an initial consultation.

During your initial consultation, Dr Sudjalim will assess your case, and make recommendations on which treatment is best suited for you. You will also be provided with a comprehensive quote of what treatment at our practice would cost, and a timeline of treatment so that you know how long you will be in treatment for. We also offer flexible payment options to suit everyone.