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Orthodontics for Kids under 11

Creating Smiles to Last a Lifetime

Some children may benefit from early orthodontic intervention to manage both jaw development and/or dental problems.

Dr Sudjalim advises that not all children will require early intervention. But if they do, it’s because there is good reason! Early intervention is all about setting your child up for their best smile possible, a smile that will last a lifetime.


Treated with upper partial phase 1 braces to recreate space in the upper, align the upper and close upper spaces.


The case involved treatment for a class III bite (underbite) with an expander and night time headgear.


What are the early orthodontic treatment options?

Every child is unique in their orthodontic needs, our specialist orthodontist may recommend some of the following appliances for your child:

Free ongoing check-ups with our treatment staff

As a parent herself, Dr Sudjalim understands that all parents like peace of mind when it comes to their children’s health. That’s why we offer free checkups with our Oral Health Therapists for your children after the initial consultation. These checkups allow our staff to best advise you on when is the best time to start treatment.

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Common Orthodontic Problems in Children

As a parent or guardian, it can sometimes be difficult to identify what orthodontic issues require early intervention, and what are just part of general development as a child. Below you can see an illustration of common orthodontic problems, as well as some indications that early intervention may be required.

  • Class II bites
  • Class III bites
  • Crossbites
  • Protrusive front teeth
  • Traumatic bite of freniters
  • Space maintenance/prevention of tooth movement after early loss or extraction of baby teeth

FAQs Early Intervention Orthodontic Treatment

Most Orthodontists recommend children see an Orthodontist from the age of 7. However, at Hawthorn Orthodontics, we have patients of all ages.

The treatment time for early intervention can range from 6-24 months in most cases. However, treatment time is dependent on your particular case, and it’s level of complexity.

Yes, your child can still play sports, we recommend a special orthodontic mouthguard be fitted.

A referral is not necessary to visit Hawthorn Orthodontics. You are welcome to call our practice at anytime to book an initial consultation.

Not always. That’s because early treatment is focused on making room for the future adult teeth to come through that have not yet erupted. Sometimes when the adult teeth come through they are still rotated. Early treatment creates the space that is needed to de-rotate the adult teeth once they come into the mouth.